Refinishing can improve the value, price, and desirability of the buyers. The condition of the gun can be made much better through this process. In this process, a gun is disassembled, and all of its parts are cleaned, repaired, or restored. If you want to change your gun’s specs a little bit or want to modernize to refinish may be your best choice.


Mainly in refinishing, the metal parts are cleaned and polished. The metal parts that should be appropriately refinished are taken to the factory in which they were manufactured. It is done to protect their serial number, proof marks, pinholes, and sharp screws and edges. The main point we are going to discuss is refinishing a stock. The stock can be coated with a thin layer of polyurethane.

Polyurethane is a polymer that is used for cushioning of metals, especially for stock. Painting the stock with different metals like different paints can make gun design more beautiful and attractive. With this process, your old gun will look more beauteous. Refinish can be done in several ways. 

Ways for refinishing a gun’s stock

Before, refinishing keep in mind whether refinishing the gun will improve the cost of the gun. If this is in doubt, do not use refinishing. It will only harm you and your gun, as its market price will be decreased. If you are sure that your gun will become a sort of new through this process, follow the steps explained. We will describe the easiest and effective way to produce a beautiful piece of your old gun. 

Precautions before refinishing 

There are a few precautions that you need to apply before refinishing. 

  • Unload the gun and check it twice. It would be best if you were not harmed.
  • Make sure that refinishing will not harm your gun’s price.
  • If you have 1% of doubt regarding your gun’s price, then don’t apply this process. 
  • Before doing the first step, wear plastic gloves and a protective eyepiece. So the remover that is a harmful substance doesn’t affect your skin. Also, use some newspapers or some piece of paper to protect the surface from the remover’s effect.
  • Do this process in a highly ventilated area to protect yourself from breathing complications.

Now let’s begin the process.

1. Removing

In the first step, you should remove the rifle’s barrel and the old finish in place of which new finish will be applied. For removing the old finish, cover the whole body of the gun with a finish remover. After applying the remover on one side, wrap that side with a plastic sheet and repeat the same process with the other side. The plastic sheet will help the remover to work correctly as it will not dry out.

2. Scrubbing

After 15-20 minutes, you should remove the plastic sheet, and you will get the softened surface of the old refinishing that can now be removed with scrub pads. You can also use steel wool, but it can cause problems during the refinishing process, so we do not recommend it. 

3. Brushing and heating 

The remover has loosened some of the greases that can be removed. We will not recommend any special brush; your old toothbrush will work best for this. Gun also contains some oil stains that can either be removed by pouring boiling water or with the help of a hairdryer. The hairdryer will pull out the oil from the surface and will be wiped out.

4. Sanding

After the stock is dried, the next process is sanding. To protect the checkering from the sanding process, you can cover it with tape. For smooth, full-length stroke, we recommend using a large sanding block. 

5. Dusting

Use some scrub pads to remove the grain dust from the stock. It also provides a burnishing effect and is suitable for final refinishing. Clean the whole stock to get good results.

6. Applying filler

The next step is to apply a thick layer of the filler. Fillers are used to duplicating the rich, walnut-hued stain. We use French red as many gun makers use it. Let it dry and wipe out the extra filler with the help of scrub pads. It would help if you rubbed it in the grain’s direction to take all the filler out of the pores. Scrub all over to apply the filler more accurately.

7. Refinishing

The next step is to apply a layer of Tru-oil and then rub it with your fingers. Applying Tru- oil will provide a modernized look of the gun. Apply three layers and let them dry after that, sand them with fine sanding paper. You can also apply the Tru-oil to the checkering; if it is worn out and without restoration, it won’t work correctly. 

If you didn’t understand the steps properly, you could also watch this video.


In this article, all the steps are explained the most thoroughly. If you want to refinish your firearm correctly, you must read all the steps and then practically apply them.

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