You might be familiar with how to load a gun. Moreover, your trainer is also teaching you about shooting techniques. What about unloading a gun? Nobody tells you about this stuff. Therefore, I am here to tell you about this important step. This step is essential because it ensures safety. 

5 Ways How to Unload a Shotgun

Suppose you are a beginner and don’t know much about guns, don’t panic. I will share simple tips and tricks, and you will easily understand everything. Following are the steps:

Do not forget to point the gun down when you are unloading a gun. Your gun should be away from your body. Moreover, try to unload it when you are alone in a room to save everyone around you. Similarly, to save yourself from any incident, keep your fingers away from the trigger. Point the gun towards the floor because it is safe. Try to avoid pointing your gun towards the roof because the bullet will come down in case of any incident.

Now, after ensuring the gun is pointing towards the safe direction. You can now push the bolt release located on pump-action shotguns. The exact place of bolt release is near your trigger guard. Once you perform pull back action, you will see one shell will become empty. Furthermore, this action should be repeated until there are no shells observable in the magazine.

Pro-tip: You have to check your gun before pressing bolt release. Some pump-action shotguns have one barrel. Whereas, on the other hand, magazine tubes have multiple shells. So, checking carefully is important.

If you use the autoloading shotgun, then the next step after bolt release is to release bolt grip. After performing this, one empty shell will be visible. Repeat this action till you get no shells left in the chamber. Furthermore, the pro-tip is to check your magazine tube thoroughly to know about multiple shells.

If break action shotgun is your go-to weapon, then unlocking the hinge is what you should do. The hinge is located behind the receiver and in Infront of stock. Just remove the shells and then close the hinge. The break-action shotgun is simple because it loads only one shell at a time. 

Once all the shells are out, put the shells in a safe place to use them later. Place the shells in a box and hide them in another room away from your gun cleaning place. Double-check before cleaning your gun to ensure shells are out of the way. Push the bolt button to confirm the non-existence of ammunition.

You must watch this video to learn this technique:

This video will remind you about loading practices as well. Here, one important thing to share is that every shotgun is different, and bullets holding ways are different. However, unloading tricks are pretty much similar. So, without further ado, we can now move towards the techniques.

Cleaning of shotgun:

As much as unloading is important, cleaning the gun is also a vital step. Cleaning prevents the gun from rust and dust to avoid wear out.  You should follow these techniques to clean the gun safely:

There is a surprise in this part of the article. Here I am going to tell you about the unloading of rifles as well to save your time and searching abilities. 

Unloading of rifles:

It is quite similar to shotguns. Rifles are mainly of three types, autoloading, lever-action, and bolt. Lever-action rifles are the simplest because you have to repeat the lever cycle until you see all rounds’ ejection.

Bolt-action rifles require half safety to unload, and the first step of unloading should be the magazine’s release. You have to unhinge the bolt and remove the rounds. After successful removal of rounds, closes the bolt.

Auto-loading guns are the easiest to unload because of the placement of magazines externally. You just have to release the magazine and remove the cartridges. 

Final words:

Don’t ever leave the gun without unloading it because this will become the reason for an accident. Always confirm whether the shells are out and the gun is cleaned properly to save yourself and others. Unloading a gun and cleaning are important but placing it in a safe place is furthermore important. Choose a good gun safe to lock the gun and put the keys in a safe place. Always place the gun in a place where it is out of the reach of children. Use your gun and be safe always!!

🤔 How to unload a shotgun?

Suppose you are a beginner and don't know much about guns, don't panic. I will share simple tips and tricks, and you will easily understand everything. Following are the steps:

🔍 Cleaning of shotgun:

You should follow these techniques to clean the gun safely...