Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24mm Review


If you desire something unimaginable, this Juggernaut Tactical Hellfighter is for you. After years of planning, trials and errors, you can now able your magazines’ to change faster that would definitely exceed your expectation leaving you in awe.

A federal law in United State on Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) whose one of their restrictions is, no large capacity in magazines, makes other companies like Juggernaut to innovate products that will help to disassemble AR15 rifles fast without compromising illegal changes on magazines. This innovation turns out good (and legal) that shooters wouldn’t feel that there are limits at all.

For those folks who round for a magazine-lock solution and wants to maintain the strong or fighter vibes of their rifles, you must add this to your cart! Aside from its functions, it is pleasing to look at, which is a total plus. It won’t hindrance you from firing particularly for its lever is placed in convenience so that you can do it single-handed. Also, actions will be separated ending it to be legal in law by making it operable and not.

Additional to its good point is, you got what you pay for! Every penny that I paid for this kit are totally worth it for its claims won’t leave you devastated and the convenience has it all. For a safer and less shooting incidents, hands down to this solution. 

Juggernaut Hellfighter Kit’s main pieces includes: 

  • Bolt Catch Replacement / Magazine Button Stopper
  • Rear Takedown Pin Replacement 
  • Spring
  • “Cap” for Rear Pin

Easy installation

In a span of not more than 10 minutes, I got to install this kit in my firearm. I’m very pleased with the result and how no sweat, it is for me to assemble and also when I’m about to use it.

Though with this Hellfighter, mag lock needs another step in the reloading process in approximately a second or less than the normal reloading time.

The way it works, isn’t that flashy or loud in the eyes unlike others that are unpleasant to look at when it comes to its visual looks and functions.

Trouble-free to maintain 

Whenever I remove the upper, I no longer need to undergo a troublesome removal process for it is designed to make it easier.

Once the threaded cap is unscrewed, the knob will rotate, resulting for the pin to be pulled just like the usual takedown pin. Double check if the other side of the cap is not attached. 



It has a genius design for a fast and easier loading work. Changing the old takedown pin and bolt catch is a nice move for it will result for a quick and controlled separation to the receivers. With the law, you can now legally remove and reload your magazines without restrictions. If aiming for a fast reloading of magazine, constant practice is needed.


Opening the kit, getting takedown pin with the spring, I untwist it both for them to separate. The mag lock comes with the adjustable details and also comes with two springs wherein I chopped the first spring in while leaving the extra for a while on the side. First step, I removed the rear takedown pin, take off the castle nut and loosen the buffer tube slightly. Taking out the buffer and spring then setting it aside.

After, I now loosen the castle nut and the in plate away from each other a little bit. Be careful not to lose the detent and spring while doing it. I twist the buffer tube to have access to remove my old takedown pin then inserted the new one immediately. Next, I inserted the spring making sure that it is aligned to clicked in its final spot. After I successfully inserted the new pin and spring, I putted back the castle nut and buffer tube together and made sure its all tighten– nice and snug. Lastly, putting the buffer and spring back to its original place. 

On uninstalling the old fly it bullets button, I disassembled the ball button using a bull pen tool and turn it counterclockwise. Pull it out while leaving the magazine catch installed. Take the factory magazine spring and button then insert it by pushing it both, applying some pressure and then start rotating it. Make sure that you can release the magazine freely. 

Installing the magazine lock, focus on removing the old factory bolt catch and installing the new magazine lock. First, remove the roll pin using a roll pin punch while keeping the spring and detent inserted. Before putting the new magazine lock, apply first a little glue (lock tight) to the set screw by screwing the detent all the way out but not till it comes out. After, bact it out even more then install it. 

Lastly, install the upper to complete the installation.

Key features

  • Fast magazine changes
  • Getting a Featureless AR components are unnecessary
  • Compatible with AR-15 and AR-10 platforms
  • Black finished
  • No longer needed for a bullet button


  • Instead of a lever, it is a button press system, making it easier when ejecting the mag. 
  • Doesn’t come with a pull out, pin so no need to pull out the rear takedown pin whenever I needed to open the upper and lower receivers. Also with a pull out pin, it slows down when reloading.


  • The screw in the kit that needed for the cap and spring is too short and there’s no other way to keep it in place so it keeps on loosing. 
  • Needs constant tightening of the screw whenever I changed mag.
  • Difficulty to select fire from safe position for the push button cramps the safety selector.
  • Using a lock tight is a must for there’s a chance that the springs might fall off without you noticing it. 
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